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In recent years, a number of young entrepreneurs in Agadir have successfully launched startups with the help of Technopark Agadir’s services. These individuals are highly creative, ambitious, and use digital tools to drive innovation and performance in their respective fields of expertise. With a 70% occupancy rate among startups and 100% capacity in coworking spaces, the region’s startup landscape has been completely transformed. As a result, these startups are more visible, competitive, and have a promising future ahead.

1Trav: Artificial Intelligence serving agriculture

Driven by a group of young entrepreneurs with a passion for revolutionizing agricultural management, 1Trav specializes in providing intelligent and automated solutions for farmers. The startup’s mission is to harness the power of advanced Agritech analysis, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, The startup has a multidisciplinary team covering food science, livestock, big data, software engineering, and sensor technology.

“At this stage, we are developing the software part of a platform designed to identify plant diseases based on actual images of herbs,” explains El Mahdi Aboulmanadel, young co-founder and graduate of the polytechnic school “École Polytechnique d’Agadir”. “We realized that to manage irrigation, fertilization, and prevention against parasitic diseases in a precise, predictable, and efficient way, we needed to refine our technology by integrating underground and atmospheric imaging, covering the entire soil, vegetation, and atmosphere.”

Agriculture and technology. Agritech. Environment. Communication network.

Codingart: Where Digital Meets Art

Codingart is a digital marketing and software development agency founded in January 2022 by Ousmane Sidibé, a young engineer from Guinea Conakry and graduate of École Polytechnique d’Agadir.

Codingart stands out with its innovative approach that blends the art of design with the science of coding. “Coding with art… understanding digital with art. Our goal is to create sustainable and scalable mobile and web applications that stand the test of time. We began with the idea that many agencies create apps that aren’t built to last.”

The founder’s dream is to expand his team, which currently comprises 16 people, and to develop carpooling services in West and Central Africa. “We are currently working with clients in the banking, healthcare, and education industries, as well as in carpooling,” says Ousmane Sidibé. “Most of our clients are French companies, either directly or through subcontracting.”

MoussaSoft: Customized electronic solutions

The startup founded by Moussa Lhoussaine, a specialist in automated systems, is dedicated to designing and delivering innovative and customized electronic solutions.

“We have enormous needs in the region in term of agricultural equipment and solutions, whether in farms, conditioning and sorting stations, packaging… So far, everything technological has been imported from Holland or Spain, at expensive costs including logistics, transportation, customs duties… From there, I had the idea of creating a startup to design and develop customized solutions,” explains Moussa Lhoussaine.

In addition to offering a complete range of electronic products and industrial equipment through their online store, the company specializes in 3D printers, filaments, accessories, motors, and mechanical parts. By importing electronic components from China, such as sensors, motherboards, chips, and integrated circuits, the startup is able to create value-added solutions for their clients.

Computer programming specialist working on desktop computer and composing web code while carrying out task from order in office

CloudFret : A digital-era transport marketplace

In 2021, Driss Jabar founded CloudFret, an innovative platform that connects shippers and freight carriers. The platform offers an ecofriendly artificial intelligence module that optimizes empty returns while reducing intermediaries and friction in the booking process.

Through CloudFret’s platform, carriers can easily view available freight offers and respond to them directly from their phone or computer. Thanks to this streamlined process, the startup has successfully established a network of 58 regular freight clients in Spain, Morocco, Senegal, Portugal, France, and Italy.

As the market’s needs continue to evolve, CloudFret is continually refining its concept to improve its services. In the next five years, the company aims to become the leading network for reliable and connected carriers in the region.

CloudFret’s work in the field has enabled the launch of a B2B marketplace, which offers a wider range of services. These include deferred payment with FastPay after delivery, a fuel card with discounts and deferred payment, and the best-priced cargo insurance on the market.

Electronic circuit board with processor, close up.

Atela Advanced Tech Lab : revolutionizing finance with advanced tech

Atela is a startup specialized in developing applications for financial markets. Using financial instruments such as blockchain, stock selection, and risk management, Atela offers innovative solutions that make financial management more accessible, secure, and effective.

“For the genesis, my co-founder Abdelkbir and I are Moroccans from the diaspora. We decided to come and settle in our homeland to invest and create a center of expertise in financial technologies,” explains Sofian Gadrim, co-founder of the startup. “We were able to see that the region had a pool of talent with whom we work today,” he adds.

Atela offers financial platform development services, trading strategy consulting, as well as solutions for financial risk management. The startup has also developed educational applications that allow students to learn and simulate market behavior. “Investing in financial markets requires some familiarity with the actors and investment techniques,” says Sofian Gadrim, who promotes increased financial inclusion in Morocco by facilitating access to data.

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