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SOUSS MASSA REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM 2022-2027 Balancing realistic ambitions with the urgency of imperatives

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The Regional Development Program 2022-2027 (RDP), which was approved during the ordinary session in July 2023 by the Souss Massa Regional Council, fulfills the desires of all regional stakeholders. The process of developing the roadmap, from assigning the study to implementing it, involved allocating the necessary time to consider the recently introduced national directions and sectorspecific strategies. With a planning period of six years (2022- 2027), the new RDP seeks to propel the region into a fresh phase of territorial growth by implementing a collection of 65 prioritized, realistic, and achievable projects.

7 strategic pillars serving territorial development

As part of the new roadmap, significant projects have already emerged to drive territorial development. These projects encompass various endeavors, including the management of irrigation water and wastewater, the enhancement of road connectivity between Amskroud and Tiznit, developing dry ports, and the revitalization of hotels throughout all provinces.

Furthermore, a key focus will be placed on supporting the social and solidarity economy, elevating the quality of cooperatives and the community network, and strengthening the healthcare and education sectors. Entrepreneurship will hold great importance in this vision, particularly for small businesses, startups, and incubators in the domains of innovation and research and development. Emphasizing the creation of economic ecosystems around leading companies will also be prioritized to generate prosperity that directly benefits local communities and the regional economy.

The 2022-2027 RDP consolidates various strategies and perspectives

Karim Achengli, President of the Regional Council, emphasizes the pivotal role of regions as drivers of the New Development Model, which is reflected in the Regional Territorial Development Plan. This strategic planning document serves as a convergence point for longterm territorial development strategies spanning 25 years. The vision behind it is forward-looking and takes into account various frameworks, including the alignment between the previous and current RDP.

“Referring to the evaluation of the implementation of the 2016-2021 RDP, we can observe that it achieved a 65% completion rate, which is highly commendable compared to other roadmaps within the framework of the ‘State-Regions’ contract. However, in terms of program contracts, only 10% was considered in this ambitious vision. The remainder should be leveraged within the current 2022-2027 RDP,” highlights Karim Achengli.

The region relies on its collective intelligence

Apart from addressing the transition between the two RDPs, various necessary considerations have been taken into account to align with the vision presented in the Royal Speech during the commemoration of the 44th Anniversary of the Green March. This vision aims to position the region as a central hub within a new geographic context. As a result, the implementation of regional-level strategies and programs has been emphasized, encompassing initiatives to reduce social and territorial disparities, the Generation Green strategy, and the Regional Agricultural Plan (RAP). Moreover, strategic roadmaps have been developed to guide efforts in sectors such as tourism, investment, healthcare, and education, among others.

Based on these insights, the recently established Regional Council, which assumed office over a year ago, has outlined its own development vision for the current term. This vision involves integrating all of these frameworks into the new RDP framework for the period spanning 2022 to 2027.

With such foundational elements built upon collective intelligence and the collaborative endeavors of regional stakeholders, the challenge of this shared vision can be embraced. This collective approach paves the way to meet the development aspirations of the territory and honor the esteemed Royal High Will entrusted to Souss Massa.

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SOUSS MASSA REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM 2022-2027 Balancing realistic ambitions with the urgency of imperatives - Atlas original