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The first 270 IAP companies in Souss Massa

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By April 2022, investment capture in the combined IAP ecosystems of the Souss Massa region reached 270 projects across all the industrial and business parks, the land of which has been prepared to accommodate them in the best possible conditions of attractiveness and competitiveness.

All of the projects benefited upstream from the support of the regional investment agency CRI-SM and were validated by the single-window unified regional investment commission (CRUI), which, in the Souss Massa Region, has been meeting every Thursday since the 2019 reform. Performance recorded by the CRI-SM for the validation of investment files by the SPOCs (single point of contact and project managers for investors) and their examination by Souss Massa’s CRUI stands at 10 days, compared to a regulatory deadline of 30 days, highlighting the decisive improvement in the attractiveness of investment in the region.

The 270 companies presented in this Original Atlas correspond to the results recorded end of April 2022, a tally which continues to increase with each weekly CRUI session.

To see the full list of the 270 companies, please refer to page 34 of Atlas Original 2022.

Source : Atlas Original 2022, page 32.
Read the article directly on the digital version of the book by clicking here.

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The first 270 IAP companies in Souss Massa - Atlas original